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    Renesas Electronics Introduces NX6375AA Series Semiconductor Laser Diode

    Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd., the world's leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of its new family of semiconductor laser diodes, the NX6375AA series. The newly developed Direct Modulated Distributed Feedback Laser Diode (DFB LD, Note 1) supports 25 Gbps x 4 wavelength operation as a light source for 100 Gbps optical transceivers for communication between data center servers and routers.

    The NX6375AA family enables system developers to develop high-speed optical transceivers that operate with high stability even in high-temperature environments. The new series can be used in servers and routers used in data centers. NX6375AA series of products will be mass production.
    In recent years, with the popularity of cloud computing in the Internet of Things era, the size and processing capacity of data centers handling large amounts of data is expected to increase at a rate of 59% per annum (Note 2). For optical transceivers that are used to communicate between servers and routers in the data center, there is a need to increase the transmission rate, and it is expected that the 100Gbps system will replace the current mainstream 40Gbps system with an annual growth rate of 75%.

    However, stable operation and high communication speed in a high-temperature environment have become a major problem for optical transceivers, as the amount of heat generated by the system is increasing (proportional to the speed of communication), making the system operating state unstable .

    Renesas Electronics has launched semiconductor LDs in this area since 2004, with a communication rate of 10 Gbps. The new NX6375AA LD family supports 100 Gbps systems that help increase the speed and reliability of your optical transceiver equipment and are expected to become the mainstream of future communications systems by addressing these areas of concern.

    The main features of the new NX6375AA series:

    (1) Industry's First Stable Operation Up to 28 Gbps / Wavelength at Tc = -5 ° C to 85 ° C Operating Temperature Range

    LD not only supports 100 Gbps of 4 wavelengths, but also can support up to 112 Gbps system. In addition, LD uses a unique embedded structure Renesas Electronics, and the use of aluminum gallium indium arsenide (AlGaInAs) as its material. Thus, by optimizing the DFB structure (Note 2), the LD can achieve a maximum transmission rate of 28 Gbps over a wide operating temperature range of Tc = -5 ° C to 85 ° C.

    The four wavelengths in the LD family are 1270, 1290, 1310 and 1330 nanometers (nm), respectively, and they support wavelength spacing of 100Gbps CWDM (Note 3).

    (2) to ensure the realization of MTTF 100,000 hours of high reliability (Note 4)

    To make these LDs safe for use in data center environments, Renesas Electronics uses a selective epitaxial layer growth process for wafer growth, controls crystal defects in the active layer, and forms a protective oxide layer (Renesas Electronics' unique technology ). Due to the fact that the oxidation of the aluminum material can be avoided during fabrication, the average time to failure (MTTF) of these laser diodes can be 100,000 hours ahead of the industry to ensure high reliability.