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    Samsung invests US $ 1 billion to boost US chip production at Austin

    Even in the Note7 to bring serious losses, Samsung has not been depressed, on the contrary as one of the world's largest enterprises, Samsung's capital is still sufficient, or will not spend heavily to boost the chip production.

    According to foreign media reports, Samsung announced that next year will invest more than one billion US dollars to upgrade its Austin, Texas, (Austin) factory application processor production line. Samsung said it will use the investment to improve its existing factory in Austin, mobile and other electronic products chip production.

    Although for some enterprises, 1 billion US dollars is not a small figure, but it is only part of Samsung's total investment in 2016. It is reported that Samsung 2016 capital spending will increase to a record level of 27 trillion won (about 24 billion US dollars), of which about half of the funds for the semiconductor business.

    Samsung in the mobile chip and memory chips are quite accomplished, Samsung will not only create their own chips, but also for its rival apple production chip. The company has also recently become the first mass-produced 10nm process technology chip maker.