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    Apple OLED panel needs to be a group of Yi Yi Han plant can easily eat it?

    Sharp President Dai Zheng Wu confirmed on Friday, Apple's next-generation iPhone 8 will use OLED display. As the main supplier of Apple's screen Sharp in the OLED technology behind the Korean system opponents, should the state of backwardness, when Apple's big single-hand the future is clearly visible.

    South Korean media BusinessKorea 31 reported that Samsung Electronics' s panel factory Samsung Display, light in the fourth quarter of this year to spend 5 trillion won (about 44.7 billion US dollars) investment in OLED. The first three quarters of this year Samsung Display has invested 5.9 trillion won, this year the total amount of investment will exceed 10.9 trillion won, breaking the company's annual investment record OLED.

    Samsung Display is a small and medium-sized OLED panel overlord, the market share of up to 95%, and reportedly won the iPhone next year, OLED part of the order. But in 2017 iPhone may just try the water, only part of the model iPhone using OLED panel. By 2018, Apple will increase the use of OLED panel models, according to the current iPhone sales forecast, which means that Apple will need 100 million OLED panels a year.

    The report also said, Samsung Display has long been ready to take Apple orders alone. A3 line capacity expansion to the current 15,000 per month, the first half of next year to 70,000 per month; 70,000 per month equivalent to 170 million units produced 5.5-inch OLED panels, enough to meet the needs of Apple.

    Not only that, LGD is also full to catch up, this year to invest 2 trillion won to OLED technology, and is Paju to build the world's largest OLED factory, LGD will be estimated in the first half of next year, production of flexible OLED. Two Korean manufacturers in the OLED technology on the total investment of more than 13 trillion won (about 11.37 billion US dollars), a record high.

    Korean plant in the technology leader in the conditions still maintain the state of sprint, and its large single apple may not be no. Nikkei Asian Review 29 reported that Sharp's president Dai Zheng Wu confirmed to the media, Sharp is fully developed OLED technology. Dai Zheng Wu said that Sharp is building OLED facilities in Japan, but does not rule out the future according to customer requirements in the United States production of OLED panels.

    Sharp's R & D progress, LGDisplay said, Sharp to become an opponent is too early. LG Display staff, said LG has made small and medium-sized OLED mass production technology, is currently expanding production. Sharp is now beginning to R & D, want to successfully mass production in 2019 is not easy, perhaps to the mass production by 2020, to join the war situation.

    In the past, Samsung and LG spent more than 10 years before research and development in addition to OLED mass production technology, Sharp OLED order to participate in the competition for strength has yet to be elegant. Production of small and medium-sized OLED panel is not easy, LG has long history of OLED development, has been low yields.
    Recalling the history of Samsung OLED, from October 2007 to begin mass production AMOLED to the 2011 total cumulative production reached 100 million pieces took four years, and until 2013 equipped with 1920 * 1080 resolution AMOLED screen S4 came out. Sharp in order to compete for Apple orders, the resolution is at least the level of retinal screen, Samsung to do this a total of six years, and Sharp in 2018 to supply the iPhone the difficulty can be imagined.

    With the OLED screen in the smart phones, watches, VR and other large-scale adoption of mobile devices, combined with LCD profits continued to fall, more and more manufacturers began OLED production. From the layout point of view, Japan and South Korea is still leading the continent to catch up with the state, but still relatively backward Korean enterprises in a state of backwardness. The other hand, the gap between the mainland industry and JDI Sharp, in the future can be divided with food orders is not impossible.