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    Global Tablet PC shipments fell 14.7% in the third quarter

    IDC released the "global quarterly Tablet PC tracking" report shows that in the third quarter of 2016, Tablet PC manufacturers shipments reached 43 million units, down 14.7%. Despite a double-digit year-on-year decline, shipments increased 9.8% compared to the second quarter. Major Tablet PC makers are preparing for the holiday season.

    2016 third quarter of the top five flat panel shipments


    IDC said that the recent low-cost Tablet PC, such as the price of less than 200 US dollars of the product is gaining popularity. These products are considered as Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface alternative. "Unfortunately, many low-cost, deformable devices also provide an inexpensive experience," said Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst at IDC. "In the long run, this will allow users to think Deformation equipment is "run out", and can not be an alternative to PC.

    Apple is still the leader in the tablet PC market, with shipments of 9.3 million units in the third quarter, down 6.2 percent year-over-year. Samsung ranked second, shipments of 6.5 million units. Due to over-reliance on low-end products, Samsung's shipments fell 19.3% year on year.

    IDC said that in July of this year's Amazon members Day activities to promote the Amazon Fire Tablet PC sales. This product positioning low-end, and promotion period also provides a 30% discount. So the third quarter, Amazon's flat-panel computer sales grew 319% to 3.1 million units.

    "In addition to the different end-user experiences, we also see a 'tectonic movement' in the market," said Jean Phillipe Bouchard, director of research, IDC Tablet PC. "Low-end and high-end tablets, End equipment as part of the platform strategy, such as Amazon is Fire Tablet PC to provide Alexa, and higher productivity tools are the Tablet PC into a real computing device, alternative notebook choice.This will drive the average selling price rise."