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    Samsung may in next year production 15nm DRAM memory

    According to sources in the semiconductor industry, Samsung's storage business unit plans to produce 15nm and 16nm DRAMs (DRAM, dynamic random access memory, the most common system memory) in the second half of next year, known as the 1ynm process.

    It is reported that Samsung earlier this year, mass production of 18nm DRAM, is currently expanding its production capacity, plans to the second half of next year, DRAM production capacity accounted for 30-40%. DRAMExchange, a global market research firm, estimates that Samsung's 18-nm DRAM currently accounts for 12 percent of total DRAM capacity, compared with 82 percent for 20-nm DRAM.

    As early as last year, executive vice president of Samsung DS Division has hinted that Samsung will be in mass production of 10nm chip technology in 2020, and with the current R & D progress, the fastest 2019 will be able to achieve mass production.

    As a result of advanced technology, Samsung Electronics in the global DRAM market occupies an absolute advantage position. According to market research firm IHS, Samsung had a 46.6 per cent share of the DRAM market in the second quarter of this year. The current situation is that its rival SK Hynix and Micron's main product or 20nm-level DRAM chips, which in the second quarter of next year to produce 18nm DRAM. The industry believes that other rivals and Samsung have a year and a half gap.