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    Cadence introduces A comprehensive TCL1 file for automotive ISO 26262

    Cadence Design Systems, Inc., the global leader in electronic design innovation, today announced the availability of the industry's first comprehensive Tier 1 software tool compliance (TCL1) document compliant with the ISO 26262 automotive standard. Qualified by TÜV SüD, an internationally recognized independent testing and compliance assessment company, and TCL1 pre-qualification for Cadence analog / mixed-signal tool chain and digital front-end design and verification processes. In addition, Cadence digital implementation and evaluation of the signing process is expected to be completed before the end of the year. A total of more than 30 Cadence EDA tools will be available for the ISO 26262 compliance development lifecycle, providing the most comprehensive tool support for the automotive industry.

    The TüV SüD evaluation is able to meet the requirements of the supplier for the documentation provided by their tools and processes. Component suppliers' development tools must obtain a vehicle safety integrity level (ASIL) only after a formal evaluation in accordance with ISO 26262. The Cadence approach helps reduce the cost of using the case for the evaluation tool in the vehicle design project of the supplier and avoids the costly, less complex, and time-saving money that the tool qualification process consumes.

    "Infineon needs proven safety compliance along with a complete design verification tool flow to help us get the AURIX microcontroller design to market on time and to ensure compliance with the automotive market," said Joerg Schepers, Ph.D., senior director of microcontroller drive systems at Infineon Technologies AG. "The Cadence software tools have been properly evaluated by TüV SüD and the cooperation between the two companies gives us the confidence to be able to determine compliance with ISO 26262."

    TCL1 represents a high level of confidence in the use of safety tools, automotive OEMs and primary and secondary component suppliers require technology vendors to meet ASIL A to ASIL D project strict security requirements. The Cadence Automotive Functional Safety Suite provides a process-based solution based on a modular file that allows customers to tailor their documentation to their audits, thereby facilitating the submission of documents to auditors. The three processes are as follows:

    1. Digital front-end design and verification process: This process from specification to RTL design, functional verification and functional safety, including Incisive enterprise simulator, Palladium Z1 hardware verification simulation platform, Protium rapid platform establishment platform, Incisive vManager solution , JasperGold ™ applications, Genus solutions and Conformal tools.

    2. Analog / Mixed-Signal Design, Implementation, and Verification Flow: This process utilizes the Cadence Virtuoso? Kit and Spectre? Circuit simulation platform to enable the creation and simulation of transistor-level designs through physical implementation and validation. The Cadence Virtuoso ADE Validator provides design engineers with an integrated solution to confirm that safety specifications are consistent with individual circuit specifications, thereby increasing design confidence.

    3. Digital Design Implementation and Signing Process: This process is currently in the evaluation phase, covering RTL-to-GDSII design implementation and sign-off, and includes the Cadence Innovus® design implementation system and the Modus ™ test for automotive design implementation and sign-off solution.

    "TüV SüD is a trusted ISO 26262 product, program and tools certification management organization dedicated to providing functional security services to automotive companies around the world," said Alfred Beer, Head of Functional Safety at TüV SüD. "So we know best what OEMs and suppliers need Is a software tool that can be used to develop security-critical products, saving them the time spent on tool qualification. "Working with Cadence allows us to confirm that Cadence has a complete TCL pre-defined program file that effectively supports the Cadence toolchain Safe for ASIL A to ASIL D projects. "

    "Through our close cooperation with TüV SüD, our customers know that our tooling process is in line with specifications," said Dr. Anirudh Devgan, senior vice president and general manager of Cadence's Digital Sign and Signpost Group and Systems and Verification Business Group. To create and validate automotive designs, and because the Cadence process has been evaluated by TüV SüD, customers do not need to spend extra time and money on the evaluation process. "