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    Seagate has introduced the world's highest-speed hardware for mission-critical applications Seagate 另请参阅 sea, gate

    Seagate Technology, the world's leading supplier of hard disk drives and storage solutions, today announced the industry's fastest and most efficient Seagate Enterprise Performance 15K HDD v6. With a maximum capacity of 900GB, the industry's fastest data transfer rate (sustained transfer rate of 315MB / s) optimizes mission-critical workloads to help enterprises and cloud customers quickly move critical data to the desired location, And ensure a seamless experience for enterprise, organization, and consumer users. High reliability, security, and simple data center consolidation can also reduce total cost of ownership.

    "Seagate is driving innovation once again to meet the needs of today's data-driven economies," said John Morris, Seagate Vice President of Worldwide Hard Disk Products Division. "The new Enterprise Performance 15K HDD ensures data security, on-demand, and customer- "Seagate's broad portfolio of HDD and SSD products includes a complete storage solution that meets the needs of today's and tomorrow's data centers for high performance, high capacity, and price diversification."

    "Today's customers want the storage solutions they use to be more resilient to handle a wide variety of workloads," said Brian Payne, executive director of Dell's EMC server solutions. "Enterprise data centers are increasingly demanding performance." And the key to achieving the goal is whether the correct technology can be applied to the correct workload, so we see the use of software cache enhancements to the hybrid array of HDD and SSD has increased the trend of Seagate's latest Enterprise Performance 15K HDD High performance and high capacity is a good choice for building a dynamic server storage environment. "

    The server market continues to grow in demand for 15K HDD technology to help data center managers tackle mission-critical workloads, performance bottlenecks, and network complexity while controlling costs. The Enterprise Performance 15K HDD maximizes data capture with enhanced performance-based read and write cache technology to address the market's increased capacity requirements. In addition, the hard drive with enterprise-class reliability, you can in a multi-hard disk environment to provide 24/7 mission-critical performance.

    The Enterprise Performance 15K HDD is a high-capacity 2.5-inch hard drive designed for data centers that require minimum operating power in high-density server environments. With Seagate's FastFormat technology, it offers 512-gamut format and a single advanced format (512e and 4Kn) to support today's and tomorrow's system requirements. This hard disk provides more workload with less complexity and ensures robust, hard disk-level data security and integrity, both in standby, in operation, and no longer in use, and its proven high Quality and reliability, to prevent the loss of data and unnecessary expenses.

    The new Enterprise Performance 15K HDD Series is built with advanced technology and proven reliability and quality commitment to deliver enterprise-class specifications such as 2 million hours MTBF and 0.44% extremely low annual failure rates. The drive is expected to be available worldwide throughout the quarter.