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    Samsung ARTIK module uses SILICON LABS multi-protocol wireless GECKO technology

    Silicon Labs has announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics to provide IoT's wireless modules for edge node battery-powered devices. The new SAMSUNG ARTIK 0 module family is based on Silicon Labs' low power, multiprotocol wireless Gecko SoC with ARM Cortex-M4 processor. The SAMSUNG ARTIK020 module includes Silicon Labs 'Bluetooth low-power software stack, and the SAMSUNG ARTIK® 030 module uses Silicon Labs' ZigBee ™ and Thread ™ mesh networking stacks. These small size modules (13 mm x 15 mm) are ideal for space-constrained applications, integrating all the necessary components, including antennas, to simplify the RF design process.


    The SAMSUNG ARTIK platform is a fully integrated silicon-to-cloud solution that enables IOT developers to accelerate their product development process, reduce time-to-market and reduce the total cost of ownership of their networking products. In addition, the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform provides world-class security from device to center to cloud and data management.


    "Silicon Labs is a key partner in our new SAMSUNG ARTIK 0 Series modules, the leading Wireless SoC technology for Bluetooth, ZigBee®, Bluetooth®, Wireless LAN, and Wireless LAN," said Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Samsung's Strategy and Innovation Center for Ecosystems. And Thread connection for the Internet of things around the node market provides an ideal solution, and with other Samsung for data sets and optimized modules and Samsung ARTIK Cloud connection.


    SAMSUNG ARTIK platform for the development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications provides the necessary hardware, software, tools and SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud building components. Developers can focus on designing new applications and services rather than building the entire system from the ground up, thus accelerating time-to-market.


    "Silicon Labs is pleased to work with Samsung to develop the latest and greatest wireless modules that enable developers to accelerate the delivery of secure, interoperable, and intelligent networking products and services," said Dennis Natale, vice president of business development for Silicon Labs. We were impressed with the rapid growth of the Samsung ARTIK platform ecosystem as the first certified partner of the Samsung ARTIK module, and we are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to assisting Samsung in achieving its vision to provide "The powerful horizontal Internet of Things platform encompasses all the hardware, software, security and cloud-based technologies needed to meet the diverse needs of our customers."