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    Hitachi mobile phone technology to identify new users finger

    Hitachi mobile phone technology to identify new users finger vein


    Hitachi is improving finger vein recognition technology, which uses the smart phone camera, software, through the skin analysis to identify the user's finger vein pattern mode, the technology can be used for financial transactions, confirm the user's identity. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and many financial transactions are carried out through smart phones and tablets, because mobile devices store a large amount of information, or become access to personal privacy data, the device can easily become the target of attack


    In fact, biological finger vein reading technology already exists, Hitachi is a key supporter of the technology, if you want to use the technology, must be equipped with special infrared sensor to read the vein pattern features, this feature can not see the naked eye. Finger vein recognition technology has some advantages, and fingerprint recognition, facial recognition or voice recognition technology, compared to deceive the equipment more difficult to fool.

    In order to make finger vein recognition technology more practical, Hitachi found a new method: the use of smart phone camera to capture the user's palm photos, and then use color recognition software from each finger on the vein pattern information, do not have to use infrared light.

    Software is very smart, the analysis of the shape and color of the fingers, it can fix the finger position, tilt, one can check multiple fingers, to ensure that the results as accurate as possible. Hitachi believes that finger vein recognition technology is now more and more important. Many financial institutions around the world are reforming and improving their services with new technologies. Soon, they will want safer identification technology