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    TI New Type-C USB and Power-Conveying 3.0 Devices Improve Power and Data Transmission, Signal Quality and Circuit Protection

    Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced five new C-type USB and power delivery (PD) devices that extend the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of USB-compliant integrated circuits to enable engineers to design C-type USB electronic products with better Of the signal quality and to prevent system damage.

    The TUSB1046 family of linear-conversion drivers is the industry's first to support 10GUSB data and DisplayPort 1.4 video transmission, enabling faster transmission without compromising signal integrity. To protect against hard-field failures, the TPD8S300 Series utilizes the industry's first single-chip solution to protect C-type USB and PD systems from over-voltage damage. In addition, the new TPS65983B USB PD 3.0 controller enables complete system design and more reliable power and data transmission with integrated power paths, rapid role switching hardware, certified support, and standardized voltages.


    Faster data and video transmission

    The new TUSB1046 and TUSB1002 converters support twice the data bandwidth of the current 5G USB solution for 10G data and video transmission with resolutions up to 8K while consuming only 335mW of active power at 10G USB speeds. When transmitted over long traces and cables, the switching driver compensates for channel loss of up to 14.4dB. In addition, the 16-level equalization level optimizes performance by compensating for intersymbol interference jitter and signal attenuation, enabling better interoperability and connectivity with other devices. TI's 10G linear-conversion driver family and TI's 5G USB device family feature pin-to-pin compatibility for seamless speed upgrades in existing designs.


    Overvoltage port protection

    The board space used by the TPD8S300 and TPD6S300 devices is reduced by more than 75% compared to discrete, which prevents overvoltage damage caused by DC short-circuit of the 20 V bus voltage (Vbus) on the configuration channel (CC) and sideband use (SBU) While maintaining the integrity of the signal. The port protector integrates low clamping performance and transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes to provide International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61000-4-2 Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD) and protect downstream PD controllers.


    Fully managed power path

    TPS65983B single-chip device is the only USB PD 3.0 controller, fully integrated power path, while providing over-current, overvoltage, reverse current and thermal protection. The controller features fast-action switching for reverse current or source current, giving the designer maximum flexibility.


    Compliant with the latest USB standards

    These devices are compliant with the new C-type USB, 2nd-generation USB 3.1 and PD 3.0 standards, offering improved reliability over previous specifications, slim design, stable power delivery, and universal connector and cable use. In addition, these power supply, signal chain and circuit protection devices allow the C-type USB and PD system features seamless integration, allows designers to be assured.

    Packaging, delivery and pricing

    TI's new C-type USB and PD devices are packaged as shown in the following table. The TUSB1002, TUSB1046 and TPS65983B devices are available for bulk purchase from TI stores and authorized distributors. Prototypes of the TPD8S300 and TPD6S300 protection devices are available from TI.com and authorized distributors. In addition, the evaluation module (EVM) helps engineers quickly and easily evaluate performance and accelerate time-to-market.


    Part no            pacakge 

    TUSB1002        24VQFN 

    TUSB1046        40WQFN 

    TPS65983B       96BGA 

    TPD8S300         20WQFN 

    TPD6S300         20WQFN