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    sony now have new products IMX253LLR/LQR, IMX255LLR/LQR


     Diagonal 17.6 mm (Type 1.1) Approx. 12.37M-Effective Pixel Monochrome and Color CMOS

     Image  Sensor


    Diagonal 16.1 mm (Type 1) Approx. 8.95M-Effective Pixel Monochrome and Color CMOS 

    Image Sensor


    CMOS Image Sensors with a 3.45 µm Pixel and Global Shutter Function for Industrial 


    Sony has developed the IMX253LLR/LQR optical size Type 1.1 CMOS image sensor with 

    approximately 12.37 M effective pixels for industrial applications. The CMOS image sensor,

     which features a global shutter function and a 3.45 µm pixel that is the smallest class in

     the industry*1, achieves high picture quality, high resolution, and high-speed imaging 

    without distortion. Other features include a trigger mode that arbitrarily controls the 

    storage time using an external trigger signal, an ROI (Region of interest) mode for 

    cropping only the required region for output of image data, and functions required 

    by machine vision cameras.
    The IMX255LLR/LQR, a Type 1 CMOS image sensor with approximately 8.95 M

     effective pixels, uses the same package as the IMX253LLR/LQR to ensure pin

     compatibility. In addition, the IMX255LLR/LQR can cover 4K pixels, making it

     suitable not only for industrial applications but also for traffic surveillance and 

    other specialized uses.

    *1:As of December 2015 (based on Sony's research)

    • Global shutter function
    • High picture quality/high resolution (Type 1.1 with approximately 12.37 M effective pixels / Type 1 with approximately 8.95 M effective pixels)
    • High frame rate
    • Compatibility with existing Sony products

    * Exmor is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Exmor is a version of Sony's high performance CMOS image sensor with high-speed processing, low noise and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion.

    * Pregius is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Pregius is global shutter pixel technology for active pixel-type CMOS image sensors that use Sony's low-noise CCD structure, and realizes high picture quality.

    Global Shutter Function

    Industrial applications require accurate imaging of fast-moving subjects, but conventional rolling

     shutter type image sensors have trouble properly capturing fast-moving subjects due to problems

     such as flash bands and the distortion of the subject due to focal plane phenomena

     The IMX253LLR/LQR and IMX255LLR/LQR are equipped with a global shutter-compatible pixel

    , enabling high-quality image capture that is not affected by focal plane distortion and flash bands.

    High Picture Quality/High Resolution

    The IMX253LLR/LQR is an optical size Type 1.1 CMOS image sensor with approximately 12.37 M

     effective pixels. With more than twice the pixels of the IMX250LLR/LQR, our existing product 

    employing the same pixel technology*2 (with approximately 5.07 M effective pixels), the 

    IMX253LLR/LQR is suited for subjects and scenes that require higher resolution. Also, the

     IMX255LLR/LQR, which covers 4K pixels in a Type 1 optical size, can also be used for

     applications such as traffic surveillance. Whereas conventional traffic cameras must be

     installed one per lane, the IMX255LLR/LQR can capture multiple lanes with a single camera

     while maintaining the same resolution.

    *2: See the New Product Information released in May 2015.

    High Frame Rate

    In response to the growing demand for higher frame rates for industrial applications, the

     column-parallel A/D conversion technology of Sony CMOS image sensors was used to

     realize a frame rate of up to 68.3 frame/s (ADC 8-bit) for the IMX253LLR/LQR, and up to 

    93.7 frame/s (ADC 8-bit) for the IMX255LLR/LQR. This enabled further increasing the

     processing speed for industrial applications.

    A Variety of Functions

    The IMX253LLR/LQR and IMX255LLR/LQR are equipped with a variety of functions needed

     for industrial applications, such as trigger mode and ROI mode. There is an ROI mode for 

    cropping a desired region for output, which in addition to setting the conventional 8 × 8 = 64 

    locations, features greater freedom for specifying regions to allow overlap of specified regions

    . Various exposure methods are provided for Trigger mode, which controls the exposure time

     using an external pulse, Fast Trigger mode, which reduces the delay from trigger input until 

    the start of exposure, Multi Exposure mode, and other modes. In addition, the IMX253LQR

     and IMX255LQR (color products) are equipped with functions such as subsampling, horizontal 

    and/or vertical inverted readout, and multiple frame set output. The IMX253LLR and IMX255LLR 

    (monochrome products) also have a vertical/horizontal pixel addition function in addition to color

     product functions.

    Compatibility with existing Sony products

    The IMX253LLR/LQR and IMX255LLR/LQR facilitate an expanded lineup for customers by 

    aligning the optical center and back pin layout of the package with the IMX250LLR/LQR 

    (with 5.07 M effective pixels), which is already in production.

    Photograph 1 Sample Images

    Condition: 2000 lx  F = 5.6 (ADC 12-bit mode, 60 frame/s, internal gain 0 dB)

    Photo 1-1

    IMX253LQR (3.45 µm)

    Photo 1-2

    The Existing Sony Product (5.86 µm)

    Photograph 2 Sample Images (Resolution)

    Condition: F = 4.0 (ADC 12-bit mode, internal gain 0 dB)

    Photo 2