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    Biggest memory yet in 8pin PIC

    With 7kbyte of flash and 256bytes of RAM, the PIC12F(LF)1840 has the largest programme memory yet in an 8pin microcontroller from Microchip.

    Based around the firm's "enhanced mid-range" core, for communications the chip has a LIN-capable UART and another serial block for SPI and I2C.

    Then there are two 8bit timers, one 16bit timer, and a capture compare module that includes PWM waveform generation.

    For analogue signal handling there is one comparator and a four channel 10bit ADC, and there are four touch control channels.

    Along with the 8pin chip, there is an 18pin version with 14kbyte of flash and 1kbyte of RAM called PIC16F(LF)1847 which gets two more 8bit timers, two PWM channels, and more: serial IO, ADC inputs and touch channels

    Both chips work over -40 to 125°C and 1.8-5.5V (1.8-3.6V in LF variants, which stand-by at a few tens of nA at 1.8V