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    Mentor has all-in-one debug for prototypes and boards

    Mentor Graphics has announced an all-in-one embedded software debug platform which integrates its Sourcery CodeBench development tools with electronic system level (ESL), verification, and hardware emulation tools.

    The attraction is that the CodeBench debug tools will run on prototyping, emulation platforms and final boards.

    Potentailly this means developers can speed time to market and address key software tasks earlier in the development cycle.

    The patforms include the firm’s Vista Virtual Prototyping product, Veloce hardware emulator, and prototype target boards.

    The Sourcery CodeBench debug tool comes from Mentor’s acquisition of Sourcery G++ technology, for embedded Linux and bare metal software development, with over 20,000 registered users

    Sourcery CodeBench tool will provide support for the Xilinx range of ARM-based system-on-chip devices, called Zynq, which will be available later this year.

    It also adds new support for Freescale's Kinetis embedded development platform.

    It will of course also support AMD64, ARM XScale, Freescale ColdFire, Power Architecture, Intel IA32 and EM64T, MIPS, SPARC and Texas Instruments Stellaris processors.