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    Molex introduces a solder-less holder for LEDs

    Molex has introduced a solder-less holder for Bridgelux ES lighting LEDs, writes Steve Bush.

    ES series LEDs produce 400-2,000 lm in three colour temperatures and are aimed at applications suited to: 20-100W incandescent and halogen bulbs, 7-42W compact fluorescents, and 18-50W HID sources.

    They come on bolt-down 'star' and square substrates, with solder pads on top. For lighting OEM use, Molex's holder extends the bolt-down theme.
    It includes sprung contacts which engage with the LED solder pads as the holder is attached and these contacts are electrically connected to clip-type wire-trap terminations, allowing stripped wires to be pushed home rather than soldered.
    "As LED technology becomes more prevalent, the challenge is developing products that simplify the installation process without compromising reliability or energy efficiency," said Jeremy Zidek, product manager at Molex. "By using Molex's interconnect knowledge, our holders provide Bridgelux ES Array customers with a single piece, solder-less connection that is easy to install."
    The wire traps are double ended, which means a choice of wire orientation, or two wires to be connected to each terminal for parallel circuits.